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For teachers who’d like to get their own students and charge over $100 an hour teaching in one-on-one or group settings.

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Teachers are undervalued and underpaid by schools, companies, and the market. Niche teaching is the solution if you:

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With a niche, teachers can easily attract students from their specific niche online, craft marketing messages that resonate with students, and develop teaching programs/curriculum that actually address their learning challenges and problems. Review our free materials and coaching programs below to become a niche teacher today!

Niche Teaching Success Kit

Request our free Niche Teaching Success Kit to receive the Niche Teaching Workshop Training, the Niche Identification Worksheet, and the Niche Teacher Panel Discussion to not only help you understand niche teaching but also define your niche so you can get started with niche teaching today!

21-Day Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

The 21-Day Challenge has graduated over 4000 teachers in the past 4 years and received over 800 5-star reviews. The Challenge is for teachers who’d like to start their niche teaching journey with us to get their own students online and increase their rates in just 21 days.

Within three weeks, you’ll be able to define your niche, develop your teaching programs, find your potential niche students on social media, and market yourself online to start your own teaching business. 

Enroll now to get your own students online at higher rates! 

The Teacher-Entrepreneur Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is exclusively for niche teachers who successfully graduated from the 21-Day Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge. It is designed to support teachers after the 21-Day Challenge with personalized coaching, extensive training resources, and a vibrant community. If you are interested in niche teaching and would like to become one so you can get your own students online and charge over $100 an hour, enroll in the 21-Day Challenge and continue with us in the Inner Circle. 

Niche Teacher Success Stories

Since 2019, we have helped thousands of teachers transition from general teachers to niche teachers. Many of them have increased their rates to over $100 an hour and some of them have reached $10K a month offering niche teaching online. Check out some niche teacher success interviews and get inspired! 

What Niche Teachers Have to Say About Bowei Strategy

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