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For teachers who’d like to create and sell digital materials and courses online to make passive income.

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Teachers are subject experts, and just like other professionals, you can monetize your knowledge and make passive income if you:

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Turn Your Teaching Expertise Into Recurring Monthly Income

Request a free copy of the ebook to discover the proven steps for teachers to turn their teaching expertise into recurring monthly income with memberships. Read the book to learn why the membership model is perfect for teachers who lack time and would like to spend less time on marketing and more time on helping their members.

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Receive free recordings of our 4-day workshop to discover more than 10 passive income strategies for teachers and learn the secrets to making passive income by self-publishing on Amazon, selling educational resources online, and creating and marketing digital courses.

The Teacher Academy

Ready to take action? Join us in The Teacher Academy to turn your aspirations into reality and transform your knowledge into passive income and recurring revenue. The Academy supports teachers through the three pillars of online success: 1. Strategy, 2. Technology, 3. Mindset, with personalized coaching, a resource library, and a supportive community. Join the waitlist so we can notify you when the Academy is available for enrollment.

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Hundreds of teachers have joined this movement and started to turn their teaching expertise into digital assets to make passive income and recurring monthly income. Check out some knowledge monetization successes and get inspired!

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