What does it take to charge over $100 an hour?
Written by James Liu on October 8th 2019
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You might say, “Finding students who can afford $100 an hour.”

The truth is, even if you work with a millionaire, if they don't think your service is worth $100, they won’t pay you that much. 

Instead, the answer is, 

Selling your service in a way that it is perceived as worth more than $100 an hour by your students.

How can you do this? I’ll give you an example. 

Let’s say, you want to help students improve their English so they can find a better paid job requiring higher English proficiency. 

When you sell them your service, it’s a mistake to only focus on English only, as in,

“I can help you improve your English so you can speak it more fluently and with fewer grammar mistakes.”

You focus on great results, but they only justify $20 an hour to your students, since that’s what other people charge.  

However, you’re going to sell your services like this:

“I can help you improve your English so you can nail your interviews and land offers from your dream companies.”

Feel the difference? 

You are not selling English anymore, you are selling them their dreams. 

Although you will be producing the same awesome results, how students perceive your services is significantly different. 

And this is the sales skill you need to develop.

So, charging more than $100 an hour requires 3 pieces:

 - Quality instruction to get your students the results they expect
 - Effective marketing to find students that appreciate your service
 - Sufficient sales skills to convince students that your services are worth their dreams

Does it make sense to you? 

Comment below and let me know.

James Liu

James Liu helps online teachers start and grow profitable and scalable online businesses. He is an expert at helping online teachers develop business skills and premium services that allow them to get students on demand and at a higher rate. 
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