Who is to blame?
Written by James Liu on April 4th 2019

An ESL teacher I talked to today shared a very insightful observation:

There seems to be a general pattern which many online teaching companies/schools have followed or are following

They all started strong with attractive rates and nice perks for teachers

They made a lot of promises and were able to hold

All of the teachers talked about them and were excited to be a part of their ventures

They were indeed the rising stars

After a while, things started changing

They started taking away the benefits little by little

They started implementing ridiculous policies that were hard to follow

They started penalizing teachers for things that didn’t make sense 

Teachers started leaving and finding other rising stars

Students started leaving because they couldn’t find the right teachers like they used to

These companies went down and eventually were out of business

Questions are:

Why are these online companies/schools doing this?

Why can’t they just learn their lessons?

Doesn’t the management know how important it is to treat teachers well?

Doesn’t the management know teachers are the only reason why they have a business?

Yes, they know, they know it too well

The truth is:

People who made decisions when they first started were not the same people making decisions when the company went down

I believe that people who started online companies/schools loved this industry and wanted to make an impact on teachers and students

However, when the companies started growing because of this same passion, more and more stakeholders joined, diluted their shares, and diminished their decision making power

Unfortunately, they had to watch when the bad decisions were made and could do nothing about them

So, who are these people behind these bad decisions?

They are the investors who only need a return on their investment and don’t care about the company, don’t care about this industry

One company goes down, they can find another company, as long as the numbers make sense to them

One industry goes down, they can find another industry, as long as the numbers make sense to them

Do you agree?

Do you want your independence?

Are you ready to start your OWN business?

James Liu

James Liu helps online teachers start and grow profitable and scalable online businesses. He is an expert at helping online teachers develop business skills and premium services that allow them to get students on demand and at a higher rate. 
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