Where to find students?
Written by James Liu on September 13th 2019
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I know I’m a good teacher. I can help students improve their English and have done it before. My feedback was excellent. But where can I find students who need my help and actually want to pay me?

Have you ever had this thought? 

I can’t tell you how many teachers ask me this question. 

The answer is actually rather simple.

Let’s imagine there is a crowd in front of you. You were told that someone in the crowd wanted to work with you. Can you find this person? 

Of course not. You don’t know who it is!

What if I tell you the person you’re looking for is wearing a blue dress and holding an umbrella? 

What if I even tell you her name? Can you find her now?

Finding students is exactly the same.

When you don’t know who you are going to help, you are clueless. You know there are a ton of people in front of you but can’t find who you’re after. 

When you know exactly who you’re going to help, you know their characteristics and even their names. Call them out and you’ll find the students you are looking for.

Make sense?

Let me give you an example. 

Let’s say you are going to help “nonnative English-speaking engineers currently working in global companies” polish their English so they can improve their job performance and even get promoted. 

Then you can easily find them on LinkedIn using just a few filters, for example: 

   - Country: Non-native English-speaking countries

   - Title: Engineer

   - Company: Global companies specialized in engineering 

That’s it!

LinkedIn will generate a long list of people who fit these filters, and they are all from your niche. 

See, it really is that simple when you know who you’re looking for.

Call them out, and let them know you’re ready to help!

James Liu

James Liu helps online teachers start and grow profitable and scalable online businesses. He is an expert at helping online teachers develop business skills and premium services that allow them to get students on demand and at a higher rate. 
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