Reasons why ESL teachers have been penalized or even fired
Written by James Liu on August 17th 2019
Photo by Kyle Broad on Unsplash

After talking to nearly 200 teachers in the past few months, I’ve gathered a list of reasons why ESL teachers were penalized or even fired by online companies:

- Sipped water during the lesson 

- Stayed in the restroom too long 

- Too many soft cancellations

- Didn’t follow the curriculum precisely 

- Not very "engaging"

- Voice was soft

- Missed a day due to a friend's funeral

- Missed lessons due to illness, tech issues, emergencies, etc.


The list goes on.

And sometimes, teachers' contracts got terminated or weren’t renewed for no reason at all. 

This situation is actually pretty easy to understand.

The online ESL industry is facing more and more severe competition due to the low market entry barriers when starting an online ESL company only requires money to develop an online platform, recruit teachers, and attract customers.

When competition goes up, the first action these companies take is try to improve their customer relationships and cut costs.

In other words, they put their customers before teachers and reduce teachers’ rates, which take a significant portion of their operating cost.

Like I’ve said before, working for online companies is not sustainable since you don’t control anything.

When you have to leave the company, you don’t get to keep your student contacts or the good reviews you’ve been developing for years.

When the company goes down, you lose everything and have to start all over again. 

However, with your own business, every penny you invest and every minute you spend generate a return and add value to your OWN business.

If you believe you can do better with your OWN business,

If you want to have a business that you can rely on and stick with for years to come,

Start your OWN online teaching business TODAY!

James Liu

James Liu helps online teachers start and grow profitable and scalable online businesses. He is an expert at helping online teachers develop business skills and premium services that allow them to get students on demand and at a higher rate. 
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