Written by James Liu on February 12th 2020
As a teacher, how can you help as many students as possible without sacrificing yourself? I’m not talking about hundreds or thousands of students that you can teach over 20 years of your career at schools or with companies. 
I’m talking about millions of students around the world, every year. 
Written by James Liu on November 6th 2019
Have you ever developed a curriculum?
Is the challenge of developing a curriculum stopping you from starting your own business? 
The truth is: Developing your curriculum for your own business is super easy. 
Written by James Liu on October 16th 2019
Freeloaders are students who are actively looking for free English instructions/materials online and don't want to pay even a penny for your help.
How can you avoid them?
Change your positioning to attract paying students.
Written by James Liu on October 8th 2019
You might say, “Finding students who can afford $100 an hour.”
The truth is, even if you work with a millionaire, if they don't think your service is worth $100, they won’t pay you that much. Instead, the answer is, "Selling your service in a way that it is perceived as worth more than $100 an hour by your students". How can you do this?
Written by James Liu on September 24th 2019
If you take a look at current ESL markets, you’ll find:
 - Many companies and teachers are fighting for ESL learners (adults and children) between beginner and intermediate levels. 
 - Fewer companies or teachers focus on helping ESL learners between intermediate and advanced levels. 
 - Almost no companies or teachers are helping advanced ESL learners interested in improving their communication efficiency to a native or near-native level. 
Written by James Liu on September 13th 2019
When you don’t know who you are going to help, you are clueless. You know there are a ton of people in front of you but can’t find who you’re after. 

When you know exactly who you’re going to help, you know their characteristics and even their names. Call them out and you’ll find the students you are looking for.
Written by James Liu on August 17th 2019
Working for online companies is not sustainable since you don’t control anything. When you have to leave the company, you don’t get to keep your student contacts or the good reviews you’ve been developing for years. When the company goes down, you lose everything and have to start all over again. 
Written by James Liu on July 30th 2019
Have you ever thought about what your business would look like when you’re making over $100K a year? What is the business model you should use to get you there?
Written by James Liu on April 19th 2019
A sustainable online teaching business should be your own business focused on a niche you enjoy, which offers program-based teaching that provides a more pleasant teaching experience.
Written by James Liu on April 16th 2019
What does a profitable teaching business look like?
It should be a teaching business with a well-defined niche and program-based services that allows you to get students on demand and charge the higher rate you deserve.
Written by James Liu on April 4th 2019
Many online teaching companies/schools all started strong with attractive rates and nice perks for teachers. But after a while, things started changing. They started taking away the benefits little by little. They started implementing ridiculous policies that were hard to follow. They started penalizing teachers for things that didn’t make sense. 
Written by James Liu on March 18th 2019
Marketing can be pleasant, effective, and free, if you can find the pond ideally suited to you and tailor the narrow fishing net you need to be successful. This is the marketing model all teachers should take advantage of to get students on their own and have their business and life under control
Written by James Liu on March 1st 2019
The transition from one-on-one teaching to group teaching is what I mean by scaling your business. I would like to tell everyone who is currently teaching English online that you can do much more, and that all of you can scale your business to the next level and reach your FULLEST potential! 
Written by James Liu on Feb. 4th 2019
Shifting your mindset is the key to success when it comes to transitioning from a teacher to an entrepreneur, and it just takes practice. Make it a daily exercise to develop those muscles and adapt your mind to the entrepreneurial world. 
Written by James Liu on Jan. 10th 2019
As an online teacher, you might be giving general lessons without being specific about what you do. You think that being a generalist allows you to attract students with all kinds of requests. Why bother picking a niche and becoming a specialist who only targets a subset of students?
Written by James Liu on Jan. 15th 2019
Most online teachers are offering session-based teaching, but not program based. What are session-based teaching and program-based teaching? What are the pros and cons?
Written by James Liu on Jan. 20th 2019
“I’m a teacher. I don’t feel comfortable selling.” 
Often times, I hear this from teachers who want to establish their own online teaching business but are afraid of the challenge of selling their programs. While I understand that it may be challenging for teachers, I can’t deny the fact that sales is the most important skill you’ll need to develop if you want your online teaching business to succeed. 

Is there a solution? Can you become a teacher who can sell and maybe love sales sometime in the future?
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